What is Flourishing in Ministry?

Welcome to Flourishing in Ministry, a research project funded by the Lilly Endowment. This project was born out of the idea that work should be a meaningful, life-enriching experience for everyone. We study well-being at work among the wonderful people in the caring professions, focusing our current work on clergy and their families. We set out to find what makes pastors and priests tick -- and what ticks them off -- in an attempt to bring joy to the people who work so hard to bring it to others.

Welcome to The Wesleyan Church!

We are very pleased to welcome The Wesleyan Church to the Flourishing in Ministry project. We will post more information for Wesleyan pastors and staff soon.

Flourishing Research Report

We have just released our first official research report and are happy to share a digital version. Click here to read our Emerging Insights report.

Flourishing Fresh Feed

TV, video games, and kids:

Once again, researchers have studied the effects of video games and television watching on the well-being of children. These researchers used data from 3,600 children from across Europe that had been collected as part of a study on childhood obesity. The results are subtle and mixed. The researchers tried hard to account for other factors that […] Click here to read more.

11 April 2014, 4:25 pm   

Help a man, make him feel bad?:

Researchers recently explored what happens when we offer to help someone, but in a way that runs counter to social norms. In this study, male researchers waited near the entrances to university buildings, watching for men and women approaching. When a man or woman approached the door, sometimes the researcher went through a door adjacent to […] Click here to read more.

17 February 2014, 11:26 am   

Read great fiction to build emotional intelligence:

Many of us read for pleasure, and recent research suggests that what we read might impact our capacities for empathy &  social perception which are important components of emotional intelligence. Researchers at The New School for Social Research studied individuals 18 to 75 . They had some of these people read excerpts from award-winning literature, others read popular fiction […] Click here to read more.

4 October 2013, 11:32 am   

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